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Relevant Problems in Fumigation of Plywood

What’s Fumigation ?

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Fumigation is a pesticide treatment using poisonous gases to kill pests and insects within the wood. Solid timber and logs probably have harmful living pests and insects inside. These pests (wood borers, dry wood termites, etc) are harmful and will damage plants or ecosystems in importing countries. It’s necessary for importing countries to stop the invasion of these harmful pests and insects.

Purpose of Fumigation for Wood/TimberPurpose of Fumigation for Wood/Timber

Fumigation is a treatment method to kill pests or insects inside wood or timer. According to International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15), fumigation is an accepted treatment for wooden materials. Fumigating solid timer and logs to kill pests before their entering into importing countries is a key requirement for many countries. Otherwise, those harmful insects probably will cause big damage to their forests.

Fumigation of Plywood

Plywood is synthetic board, no need for fumigation, direct export, international common, but some foreign customers, there is this requirement, that is, even if the fumigation-free plywood material or to the fumigation room stamp, specific or depend on customer requirements.

                                                                                                       Fumigation of LVL Packaging Plywood

The reason why packing boxes need fumigation is fear of being moth-eaten, and LVL packaging boards need to undergo high temperature and pressure treatment for up to 10 hours in the production process, after which any insect pests in the treated wood will be killed. So customers can buy it and make it directly without fumigation.

Specific circumstances depend on customer requirements, such as Australian authorities do not require fumigation certificates for entry plywood, but Australia, as the most stringent country in the world for entry quarantine requirements, lists plywood as wood products to be quarantined for entry. If the relevant certificate of disposal can not be provided at the customs clearance, the goods will be subject to full carton quarantine inspection or accept the Australian disposal party. It can be released.

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