Packing Plywood BB/BC Grade

Packing plywood BB grade is used popular to make the pallets and crate which is particularly used to transport or store large, heavy items, fresh fruit, fragile shipping.

Nowadays, enterprises often use crates made of plywood due to its hardness and bearing strength. The trend of using plywood crate stems from the comparison between the natural wood box and plywood box. The natural wood box usually has a fairly high price and it often collides in the process of moving easily to collision damage and leads to impossible to reuse. The consequence is that business owners have to spend a lot of money to buy new crates whenever freight demand. In contrast, plywood crate is highly impact-resistant because it is hot pressed by modern machinery with high strength adhesive. Therefore, it can save many costs for shippers.

We believe in the benefit of packing plywood that can bring to our customers. Therefore, we always strive to provide solutions to minimize losses, avoid damaged goods, and budget-saving for the business.

  • Size: 1220mm*2440mm
  • Thickness: From 4.6mm to 25mm
  • Tolerance: +/- 0.2mm to +/-0.5mm
  • Face & back veneer: Okume, Bintangor, Styrax, or as required
  • Core veneer: Acacia, Eucalyptus, Mix hardwood
  • Moisture: <15%
  • Glue: MR, pure MR, E2, E1, WBP melamine
  • Density: ≥ 600kg/ m3
  • Hotpress: 1 time
  • Surface sanding: Not or as required