Packing Plywood AB Grade

Packing plywood AB grade is a good choice for low-cost purposes. It’s manufactured in Vietnam with our skilled workers and available materials: 100% eucalyptus, acacia. We have taken advantage of cheap labor and raw materials to optimize costs, so our products always have a competitive price with other suppliers in the world.

Vietnam packing plywood is suitable for packaging (pallets, boxes for goods…), instruction, or cheap furniture. The reason for the versatility of this wood is that it’s hot-pressed 1 time and with natural wood, so packing plywood has good hardness and bearing strength.

The advantage of packing plywood is that for the same size as natural wood but the plywood is much lighter and still has high durability, the surface is completely smooth as well. Moreover, plywood has a variety of colors and surface materials.

  • Size: 1220mm*2440mm
  • Thickness: From 4.6mm to 25mm
  • Tolerance: +/- 0.2mm to +/-0.5mm
  • Face & back veneer: Okume, Bintangor, Styrax, or as required
  • Core veneer: Acacia, Eucalyptus, Mix hardwood
  • Moisture: <15%
  • Glue: MR, pure MR, E2, E1, WBP melamine
  • Density: ≥ 600kg/ m3
  • Hotpress: 1 time
  • Surface sanding: Not or as required