Following the manufacturing process is the Products Testing process. This is the most essential part of producing plywood of FOMEX GREENWOOD brand as this process decides directly the quality of our products provided to our customer. Products testing is carried out under a strict supervision, process includes 10 steps namely Boilding, Checking Moisture, Measuring Bundle’s Thickness, Measuring Piece, Measuring Width and Length, Checking Each Piece, Measuring Diagonal Line, Surface Testing, Counting, Completing Bundle

Plywood inspection

Before being delivered to the buyer, we apply a two-layer wood inspection program to our plywood products

Timber expertise of manufacturing plants
Independent inspection outside the factory: We set up a separated QC Team to check the suitability of products that matches the customers’ expectations.

The inspection is conducted by professional QC staff with international experience. We conduct according to strict stages and processes from: Starting production – During production – Before closing. goods – During the packing process.