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South Korean container lines join forces in regional alliance

South Korean container lines join forces in regional alliance
Five South Korean liner operators will codeshare on services to Southeast Asia in Q2 2021, after acceding to a request by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF).

Tentatively called the K-Alliance, the codesharing arrangement was signed on 23 December 2020, between the ministry, HMM, SM Line Corporation, Pan Ocean, Sinokor Merchant Marine, and the latter’s subsidiary, Heung-A Line. Read more

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Tips for Peaking shipping season 2020 from the experts

In the world of freight, as usual, “Peak season”  is one of the most things importers always a concern. There’re many speculations about what peak season, but definitely this will happen and importers need to be prepared. Below are tips for Peaking shipping season from the experts that may useful for you.

When is Peak Shipping Season happen?

shipping-updates-for-peak-seasonAugust to October is historically shipping time annually. At the end of the year, holiday shopping propelling consumer demand higher. By 2020, the “Container Shortage” problem happen so seriously. Viewed from different angles, Read more

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DIY – How to Stain furniture

How to stain furnitureThis article will tell you how to select unfinished furniture; tip to stain furniture with applying clear finishes. We also show how to disassemble furniture and apply contrasting stains to create an artful and appealing piece

The down-and-dirty truth about buying unfinished furniture and finishing it yourself is that it won’t Read more

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Why does the serious “Container Shortage” problem happen?

These days container shortages have become a serious problem in the logistics industries. This problem is not just associated with logistics industries, it also unpacks manufacturers trading companies, and retail businesses. What is the cause of “Container Shortage” and why are we unable to get space on vessels? The answer is Covid 19, now I will explain in detail why Covid 19 is severely damaging the Logistics Industry. Read more

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Different types of formwork? 4 tips for choosing effective formwork

What is Formwork?

Formwork by name means “The Mold” which means it is the casing into which the casting material, usually concrete, is poured to obtain the desired structural shape. In the construction, it is similar to a mold to cast concrete members in different shapes and sizes using different types of materials such as timber, steel, aluminum, plastic, etc. Shuttering is a synonym term used for form-work. Formwork should have sufficient strength to carry the dead load and live load coming on it during casting operation and after that till concrete gets hard and gain some percentage of design strength. Read more

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Greenotechindia – There are so many reasons for Wood Recycling or Timber recycling is the process of turning waste timber into new / usable products. This process is adopted in many countries in early 1990s and it very common in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Through recycling of wood we developed reused products, artificial wood etc. which is environmentally friendly.

Recycling of wood help to grow and save the Trees, with this we developed same quality product what we developed with fresh wood. but the major reason of recycling is world approaching closer to global warming. Read more

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Importing wood into Canada so potential for Vietnam 2021

Despite the impact of COVID-19, exports to Canada have still grown this year, contributing to the targeted 12 billion USD worth of wood and wooden product exports for the year being reached.

Canadian market holds potential for wooden furniture

Jacques Nadeaus, a trade expert from the World Food and Agriculture Organisation, said demand for wooden furniture in Canada is forecast to continue to rise, especially in 2021.

Instead of self-supplying 80 percent of its wooden furniture, as in the past, Canada now imports 55 percent. Read more