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Fomexer’s first working day in the new year of Tan Suu 2021

We have officially entered the new year of Tan Suu 2021 – the year that everyone looks forward to with a lot of hope for better things
Fomex has returned to work with a spirit of excitement and enthusiasm, always ready to accompany and serve our beloved customers.

Open a new bottle of wine to welcome a new beginning

Wine glass to welcome the new year

Luckiy money symbol for luck

Fomex has returned to work with a spirit of excitement and enthusiasm, always ready to accompany and serve our beloved customers.
On the occasion of the New Year’s Day, Fomex would like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful year

Happy New Year! 2021



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Chinese New Year Holiday Notification | Fomex Group

Dear All Beloved Partners,
Lunar New Year is round the corner and it has been an amazing year accompanying you. FOMEX Group would like to express our sincere thanks for your support and cooperation to our products and services so far. Wishing you a prosperous and fruitful New Year ahead!
Please be well informed that our Factories Member will be closed from 10/02/2021 to 16/02/2021 for the Lunar New Year holiday. Our business operation will back to normal on Monday 18 Feb 2020. Please inform our Sales Representatives if you have any purchasing plans for February so that we can have a proper production schedule to avoid any delay and blockage in delivery.

Happy New Year 2021!

Thank you and Best regards,

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Price Adjustment Notification from FOMEX GROUP

Dear our valued Partners and Friends,

We – ๐—™๐—ข๐— ๐—˜๐—ซ ๐—š๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐˜‚๐—ฝ would first like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for our business partners and for accompanying us along this journey.

For the last four months, soaring demand for veneer both locally and from other neighboring countries, and prolonged rainy seasons with storms and typhoons have led to a remarkable escalation of 20-25% in raw materials. Logistics also plays a role in such an increase in CFR price as the freight to many countries has to rise dramatically (up to 300-400% in some markets such as Korea, Malaysia,..).

With such fluctuation, FOMEX Group regretfully announces a price increase of at least 7%, depending on different products, Port of Discharge, and Time of shipment.

Our Sales Representatives will update you with new quotations separately.

We hope to have your understanding and look forward to better times ahead and developing our mutual business further.

Thank you and Best Regards!


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Currently, most constructions use concrete. So, how to cast concrete to ensure quality as well as aesthetics and save costs and time is always a problem that the contractor carefully considered and calculated.

Understand the psychology of contractors, unlike other common formworks such as plastic or steel formwork, FILM FACED PLYWOOD of FOMEX GREENWOOD brand have the following outstanding features:

  • Core is made of many veneers made from natural plantations such as Eucalyptus, Acacia, etc., which are pressed 2 times, creating certainty and durability for the sheet, increasing the adaptability when under the impact of surroundings
  • Formwork with smooth face, both sides are covered by dark or brown film his film has a good waterproofing and anti-sticking effect, making the concrete surface smooth without re-plastering many times.
  • Using time up to 12 times, this will help save costs for contractors.
  • Easily saw cut, paired, suitable for all needs
  • Size of film faced plywood 1220* 2440/ 1250* 2500 * 12mm-21mm, this is popular size, suit for various usage purpose

Currently, we are supplying FILM-FACED PLYWOOD of FOMEX GREENWOOD brand, meet requirements with high quality and competitive price. Contact us to have great experiences


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Vietnam plywood companies – What did they do in circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Export plywood from Vietnam

According to the recent report of THE VIETNAM WOOD AND FOREST PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION โ€œThe impacts of the Covid-19 pneumonia outbreak will surely become one of the major challenges for wood industry in 2020, an unanticipated challenge that does not bring good expectations to experts and businesses when it is possible to make the industryโ€™s target more distant than ever.โ€

Vietnam plywood companies are facing huge difficulties due to the impacts of Covid-19 pneumonia, and challenges from big markets. Read more