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Currently, most construction works are using concrete. Therefore, the casting of concrete to ensure the quality as well as the aesthetics is always a matter of careful consideration and calculation by the manufacturer. Unlike conventional molds, molds made from coppa plywood have many outstanding advantages as follows:

1.Cheap price

No one can deny that current coppha plywood products are much cheaper than other materials. It meets the wide demand of users in terms of materials, designs and prices.
Basically, the coppha market is classified based on structural materials such as steel formwork, aluminum formwork, bamboo formwork, plastic formwork, … Song coppha made from plywood is more popular because it has a price. to “soft” much more.

2.Minimize wastage of materials

One of the advantages that make coppha plywood more popular is the ability to save materials and reduce the loss significantly. Because of the design of the sealing surface, this formwork is made into a fixed mold, ensuring the certainty and retaining almost all of the poured concrete without running out of water.
Not only that, the amount of nail needed is also much less than usual. So it avoids waste while still ensuring the desired construction quality.

3. Ensure aesthetics

When using coppha plywood to make molds for pouring concrete, after removing the mold, it ensures a smooth, flat and beautiful surface. In addition, some film-coated coppha plywood also has a phenolic laminating paper film on the outside, so it is extremely waterproof, while creating gloss, smoothness, scratch resistance. and sticking to the surprise.
As soon as the concrete dries, the worker can apply paint roller directly. This way, you will not need to spend any effort to process the plastering step again



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