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DIY – Do it Yourself is increasingly popular. With plywood, you can make super beautiful handmade items from it. With a little bit of idea, you can have a special product. Below is 5 ways to transform with plywood interiors. Get started now with 𝗙𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘅!

  1. Stackable Shelves

Baltic birch plywood forms the beautiful bones of this modular shelving, storage and desk unit. Build it yourself for less than $500 with these complete plans.

Stackable Shelves

2. Modern Table Sculpted from Scraps of Plywood

Modern Table Sculpted from Scraps of Plywood

What else can you say about this console table besides, “Wow!” The craftsman who envisioned and built this work of art sought to highlight plywood’s interesting symmetrical grain. He got the result he wanted, he says, “with a lot of glue and clamping” and shaping with a bandsaw.

3. Fold-Down Plywood Desks Where Space is Limited






A company in Amsterdam invented these ingenious desks for their limited office space, but they’d also be great in a kids’ room. Bonus: The light, natural color palette of this plywood furniture helps make a small space look bigger.

4. Easy, Affordable and Stylish Plywood Nightstand

The large hinged door on the front of this DIY nightstand conceals a compartment for books and magazines. If you can measuredrill a hole and drive in a screw, you can build this nightstand.

Easy, Affordable and Stylish Plywood Nightstand

5. Scando Mid-Century Plywood Coffee Table

Scando Mid-Century Plywood Coffee Table

With its flowing lines and compelling curves, this plywood coffee table is a faithful reproduction of an iconic 1961 Scandinavian design. Its five coats of polyurethane finish gives it a smooth, satiny protective sheen.

To make your ideas, let’s start making Plywood interiors from now.  Hope it useful for your house!

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